City Planter Store Services and Fees

Yes! We Deliver!

City Planter is happy to provide delivery for your purchases.   However, it is important to know that delivery service cannot be guaranteed during busy planting season-especially for large items.

Delivery is Door-Door.  Planting, staging and navigating stairs may incur an additional fee. Containers and plants that weigh over 50lbs will incur an additional charge as they will require an additional delivery person.

Delivery Fees

  • In the Hood (Northern Liberties and surrounding neighborhoods) $15

  • Local Delivery (Center City, West Philly, South Philly) $35

  • Outer Boroughs and Suburbs $75

If planting or staging of plants on site is required, there is a Labor Fee of $75 per hour/per person.

Flight Charge for stairs is a flat fee of $10 per flight of stairs.


City Planter Plant Care

Re-potting Services

City Planter is happy to re-pot your plants in pots that you purchase from us or your may bring us your own container.  There is no fee for re-potting plants, but there will be a charge for soil or other planting medium.  You can also bring us your outdoor containers for refreshing.

When your containers are ready for pick up-

We will contact you when your plantings are ready.  After one week of contact, if your plants remain in our care, there will be a care fee of $10 per week.

  • Terrarium rebuild $15 plus the cost of the plants and materials.

  • Window boxes (in store planting). $25 per box

Plant Rehab

Please feel free to e-mail us photographs of your plants if they are sick.  We have lots of experience diagnosing and treating plant diseases and pests.  We will do our best to help you treat your green friends.   

In special cases, we will take your plant for rehabilitation.  This service is entirely at our discretion.  In the case that we accept your plant into our care, we will do our best to rehabilitate your plant, but we take no responsibility if the plants perish.  Plant rehabilitation may take several weeks or even several months.  Depending on the care that is required, there may be a small fee.

When your plant is in good health, we will contact you.  If you do not pick up your plant within one week of our contact, we will charge you a care fee of $10 per week.  If your plant fails, we will contact you and dispose of your plant.

In all cases, we will make every effort to contact you about picking up your plants.  If we do not hear from you after three attempts, we will no longer hold your plants.