Do we guarantee plants.....

All of our store refund, return and warranty information can be found below-

Outdoor Plant Warranty  

All of our outdoor plantings are guaranteed as follows:

Growth and performance of plants is dependent on a wide range of conditions. Trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials that we install are guaranteed for a period of 30 days if there is an automatic irrigation system installed.   We will not replace plants killed by animals, insects, neglect, chemicals, vandalism, fire, weather or anything beyond our control . Where plants die, replacements will be made with plants of the original size and quality as previously specified at no cost to the owner.  One replacement for each plant that dies will be made.

Transplanted plants from the site have no guarantee, though every precaution will be made to assure their survival.

We do our best to ensure that you understand the care required to keep your plants alive.  New outdoor plant installations require attentive watering until they become established in their new homes.  Plants in large containers will need watering every 2-3 days at the beginning.  Shrubs will need 2-3 gallons of water each time.  Window boxes and containers need 2-3 gallons per watering depending on the size of the containers.  Containers under 30" in diameter and window boxes may need to be watered daily.

In the winter, when the temperature is freezing, do not water your outdoor plants BUT if the weather does warm up, give your plants a drink. It is unwise to rely on rainfall to water your plants: only sustained lengthy periods of rainfall will be enough to keep your plants thriving.  Plants that perish due to under and over watering are not covered by our replacement warranty.

A note about irrigation: Irrigation systems must still be monitored. Supplemental watering may be needed for new plant installations and in the summer, when there are periods of sustained heat.  Plants do not drown or dry out overnight!  Be sure to check your plants at least twice a week to be sure they are not suffering from over or under-watering

Houseplants and other Plants:

We do not guarantee houseplants or annuals.  Once a plant has left our care and is placed into your care, it's condition is beyond our control.  We cannot warrant damages that are caused by neglect, animal damage, under or over watering, pest or disease damage or too much or too little light. 

We will do everything to help you with the care of your plants.  If you contact us at the first sign of plant distress, we will do our best to diagnose and help you to treat your plant in order to bring it back into good health.


Return Policy on Store Purchases

Unused planters and merchandise (excluding plants) may be returned up to 30 days after purchase.  A full refund will be given with a receipt.  Store credit will be given without receipt.

No returns, exchanges or refunds on special orders, sale products or holiday merchandise.