Our Store


We carry a wide variety of indoor tropical houseplants. Small, large, low light, high light, etc. Let us help you find the perfect plant for your home (and we will give you advice on how to keep it alive, even if you don't have a green thumb!)


Outdoor Plants

The front of our store showcases seasonal outdoor annuals and perennials.   In the early spring you can find pansies, and ranunculus.   In the summer, annuals will add color and dramatic flair to your outdoor space.   The fall brings ornamental peppers and brassica.   In the winter, we stock small evergreens, seasonal cuttings and wreathes for decking your halls.  

In our backyard, you can find perennials and shrubbery that have been selected to perform in container gardens.  We can help you select the perfect foundation plants to help to create your urban oasis.

Plants of all Shapes and Sizes

We offer plants for the customer who is buying their first plant and for someone looking for something exotic and unusual (and everyone inbetween).  Among our favorites are Tillandsia (otherwise known as Air-plants) and Marimo Balls.


Created by City Planter

Whether you’re making your own terrarium or purchasing one made by our talented staff, we carry a wide selection of glass, stone, miniature plants and tiny figurines to make a one-of-a-kind creation. We can walk you through the process of creating your own terrarium in one of our glass vessels or feel free to bring your own.

We also make Kokedama and Mounted Staghorn Ferns for a truly unique method of displaying plants.  Kokedama originated in Japan, (koke = "moss" and dama = ball), where it is often related to the art of bonsai.  The roots of a plant are contained in a ball of soil, surrounded with live moss, and wrapped with wax twine from where they are often suspended.  A hanging garden.

Our Mounted Staghorn Ferns are made in-house from reclaimed barn wood.  Staghorn Ferns are epiphytes, which means that their roots do not need soil (an air plant).  In the wild, they grow on the surface of trees or rocks.  


Not just plants!

You need containers too! 

We carry a wide selection of pots, planters and containers to house your green friends.  From large fiberglass containers that can hold small trees to terra cotta pots for your tiny succulents, we have all conceivable shapes and sizes.

We also stock soil, gardening accessories, books and more!  If you are interested in indoor gardening, we have partnered with Green Dragon Hydroponics to provide a line of fertilizers, nutrients, lighting and equipment for your indoor gardening project.

Our inventory is ever changing so stop in and see us. . . and bring your dog!  We have treats!