About Planning Your Garden

We love helping people plant their gardens.  Come in the store, and we can help you select the right plants for your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Whether you do the planting or allow us to do the dirty work, we are happy to help.

We offer a lot of guidance for our customers both in our store and via e-mail.  E-mails can be very effective for planning and sharing photographs of your space and your ideas.  E-mail consultations are free of charge but can take a bit longer than coming into the store in person.    Due to the busy weekend schedule, we are unable to provide in-store consultations on the weekends, please plan accordingly. 

To make your consultations with us the most productive, please consider the following:

  • Budget-even if it is just a ballpark figure.

  • Dimensions-have measurements of your space.

  • Pictures-overall shots and/or detailed shots of any existing containers/plants are helpful.

  • Location-Do you get sun in the morning or afternoon? Is the sun direct or indirect? Is there a water hook-up? Is there wind or is the area sheltered?

  • Inspiration-Images or a list of plants and/or containers that you like?

  • Water-Do you need irrigation or are you able to water your plantings regularly?

  • Scheduling-Are you going away soon? It is not recommended that you leave your plants unattended directly after installation.

  • What floor is the planting on? (Stairs incur an additional charge) Is there an elevator and what are the dimensions? Is there parking or a loading dock?

    *City Planter is a small, company.  We currently booked up for the 2019 gardening season and are not scheduling outdoor gardening consultations.


  • In-store Consultation- No Charge

  • E-mail Consultation-No Charge

  • Site Visit- $35 (Indoor Only)

  • Window box Planting (in store). $25 per box plus the cost of plants and soil.

  • Offsite Installation and Planting-$75 per person, per hour. Minimum 1 hour

  • Planters and Containers require a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit to place an order.

  • Written proposals- $50 There is no charge for an estimate. Proposals and Estimates are based on current plant and container pricing and availability. Labor is estimated to the best of our ability. These prices are subject to change upon completion of the job.

  • Credit Card Payments-City Planter charges a 2% Convenience Fee for credit card payments that exceed $500

City Planter's crew is trained in proper planting, watering, pruning and installation techniques to ensure the plants that we install are given the best environment possible.  Friendly, responsible and professional throughout the installation process, we do our best to protect the interior and exterior of your space from any material debris. 

After planting, we will provide you with care instructions to help you maintain your plantings.  Plant needs can change as they acclimate to your surroundings, it is important that you contact us at the first sign of plant distress and we will do our best to help you to diagnose and treat your plant. 


What we do NOT do:

  • Hard Scaping

  • Install Window Boxes (we can recommend contractors who can do this for you)

  • Landscaping and Lawn Work

  • Living Walls

  • Tree pruning and planting

  • Weekly or monthly maintenance

City Planter specializes in container gardening.  We generally do not plant in the ground-that often requires breaking up soil or removing large root balls that may require special equipment.