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Classes at City Planter

At City Planter, we offer a variety of classes on plant care and on unique plant presentation.  Below is a sample of just a few of our regular class offerings.  We are continually adding to our class repertoire so check our calendar often for new classes.   If you have a suggestion for a class that YOU would like to take, please let us know!



A terrarium is a sealed glass vessel containing soil and plants.   In this class, you will learn how to build and care for a terrarium of your very own.   Customize your creation with our wide selection of plants, stones, moss and small figurines.  We serve light refreshments before (and during!) class so feel free to make those dinner plans late and come create your own little world.

Cost $50 per person



Kokedama (meaning moss ball) is a traditional  Japanese art form that places plants in a special soil wrapped in moss which can be suspended or displayed on a dish or plate.   Each participant will create their very own Kokedama and the knowledge to make them again and again.

Cost $50 per person


Houseplants 101

Love plants but don't know where to start?   This informative class will teach you about how to determine which houseplants will thrive in your light, and how much to water and when.  We cover plant diseases and pests, as well as repotting your plants and plant propagation.  Every participant leaves with their own starter plant.   

Cost $35 Per Person


Seed Starting and Saving

Starting plants from seed is the most economical way to achieve a diverse variety of plants in your garden.  Many plants can only be found in seed form.   This class will show you how to start seeds at home.  Learn how to thin your seedlings, when to transplant them into your garden and how to save seeds from year to year.   Each participant will leave with a starter kit planted with a variety of seeds.

Cost $35 Per Person