Classes and Workshops at City Planter

Join our staff for an evening of information and fun.  We believe in sharing our knowledge about plants and in teaching people how to make cool stuff.

Registration for classes at City Planter is required as space is limited.    


Want to learn about the art of Bonsai? Take our NEW CLASS! Bonsai Basics!


Bonsai Basics

Friday, April 26 @ 6:30pm

$15 per person

Bonsai is not a specific type of tree, but rather the art of training and shaping a tree to a desired size and shape. In this beginning class, you will learn a brief history of the art of Bonsai. There will be discussion about the proper care for your Bonsai, including wiring and pruning techniques. There will also be a demonstration on root pruning and re-potting.

This class will be lead by Bonsai Specialist Mark Maher. Mark is a member of Bonsai Club International and the Pennsylvania Bonsai Society. Mark has participated in the Philadelphia Flower Show where he has also demonstrated Bonsai Care for over 8 years. His Bonsai can be seen at Morimoto Restaurant in Philadelphia.